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BAL40 Bushfire

Bushfires in Australia are almost a common occurrence during the hotter months due to Australia’s hot and dry climate. Bushfire events in New South Wales, South Australia, Canberra and Victoria have been the most tragic bushfires events to occur in Australia’s history.

Cyclonic Compliance

Our windows and doors meet the highest pressure, impact and water performance requirements to minimise the damage cyclones can cause. Alspec Cyclonic Window, Door and Screening Systems have undergone extensive independent NATA accredited testing.

Energy Efficiency

Well-designed windows and doors can improve the level of comfort in your home all year round. This can reduce the requirements for heating in winter, whilst reducing the need for cooling in the summer. Window configuration, orientation and glass performance can play a large role in the energy efficiency of your home.


Metropolitan living has created demand for higher performing acoustic window solutions to achieve a more comfortable lifestyle. Glass Co Metro Windows & Doors have a significant influence to how the building withstands a range of sound frequencies in achieving compliance to the overall building.

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All windows and doors are custom fit to match your home.


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Strength, security and functionality.



Variety of colours available to match your style.


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Control your climate and reduce your power bills.


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